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About Ogden for Ogden, Utah and Area

When you want to know Ogden, Utah

Overview of Ogden, Utah, United States

Ogden is the county seat of Weber County in the state Utah, USA. It is the main city of the Ogden-Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. From Ogden's early history and still today it serves as a major hub for railroads. Even today, the city controls freight railway traffic, therefore making it quite a convenient location for manufacturing and commerce. The city is well known for its historical buildings and the close proximity to the Wasatch Mountains. The city is also home to Weber State University.

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  • Population: 81,605
  • Population Density: 3,067.9/mi²
  • Area: 26.6/mi²
  • Latitude: 41.227744
  • Longitude: -111.961193
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 4,300 ft
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time Zone
  • Language: English
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History of Ogden, Utah

The City of Ogden was originally named Fort Buenaventura. The Ogden region was also the first permanent settlement for European settlers in the entire state of Utah. The region was settled in 1844 and established by Miles Goodyear in 1846. Mormon settlers purchased Fort Buenaventura for $1,950 in November of 1847. The region was then renamed Brownsville. However, it was decided that the settlement be named after Peter Skene Ogden, a brigade leader of the Hudson's Bay Company who trapped in the Weber Valley. Ogden was incorporated as a city on February 6, 1851. Due to Ogden's location along major east-west and north-south routes, the city became known as a major passenger railroad junction. Railway passengers from eastern United States passed through Ogden on their way to west San Francisco. The national passenger rail system, Amtrak, no longer serves the City of Ogden. In 1972, the construction of the Ogden Utah Temple was completed. By the 1980s, suburbs in Salt Lake City had passed Ogden in population. Ogden used to be the second largest city in Utah, therefore having several historical buildings. From 1941 to 1997, northern Ogden was home to the Defense Depot Ogden Utah. However, a portion of that land has been converted into a commercial and industrial park.

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Ogden's Demographics

As of 2000, it was determined that the City of Ogden held about 77,226 people, 27,384 households, and 18,402 families. The racial demographics of the city was 79.01% White, 2.31% African American, 1.20% Native American, 1.43% Asian, 0.17% Pacific Islander, 12.95% from other races, and 2.93% from two or more races. 23.64% of the population was Hispanic or Latino of any race. The median income for a household then was $34,047, and the median income for a family was $38,950. The city's per capita income then was $16,632.

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Ogden's Climate

Summers in Ogden are hot and dry, with highs repeatedly reaching 95°F. The monsoon season (mid- July to mid-September) provides Ogden with plenty of rain. Ogden experiences cool and snowy winters. Snow typically lasts from early November to early April. The average high temperature for January is 37°F.

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Education in Ogden, Utah

The City of Ogden is home to Weber State University.

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Transportation around Ogden, Utah

Ogden is served by several transportation services. The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) operates four bus routes between Salt Lake City and Ogden. These routes connect to the Ogden Intermodal Hub or Weber State University. However, the UTA also provides public transportation for Weber and northern Davis Counties. Greyhound bus lines also provide transportation services in Ogden. Interstate I-15 and I-84 may the city easily accessible by automobile and truck transportation. The city is also served by the Union Pacific rail service, private and chartered service from Ogden-Hinckley Airport, and commercial service from Salt Lake International Airport.

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Tourism and Attractions of Ogden

There are several sites of attraction in the City of Ogden. Some of these sites of interest include: Ogden River Parkway, Ice Sheet, Ogden Nature Centre, Ogden Utah Temple, Jefferson Avenue Historic District, Eccles Avenue Historic District and several others.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Ogden
  • Farr West
  • Harrisville
  • Marriott
  • North Ogden
  • Plain City
  • Riverdale
  • South Ogden
  • Taylor
  • Uintah
  • Warren
  • Washington Terrace
  • West Haven
  • West Weber

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Geography of Ogden, Utah

Ogden is situated 35 miles north of Salt Lake City. The city lies at the base of Wasatch Mountains. The total area of the city is 26.6 square miles, all of it being land. The Weber River and Ogden River meet at a confluence just west of the city limits. The Ogden River Canyon is located 7 miles east of Ogden. At that location there is a Pineview Dam which has a reservoir behind it. This reservoir provides 110,000 acre-feet of water storage and water recreation.

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Ogden's Government

The City of Ogden is served by a mayor- council form of municipal government. Ogden's current full-time Mayor is Matthew R. Godfrey, who exercises executive authority. There are also seven city council members that exercise legislative authority.

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Ogden's Economy and Industry

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Ogden's Culture and Significant Events

The culture of the city is portrayed in several of the historical buildings and other sites within the city limits. These include: Peery's Egyptian Theatre, David Eccles Conference Center, Utah State Railroad Museum, Browning Firearms Museum, and several others.

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Sports in Ogden, Utah

Ogden is home to several sporting clubs and facilities. The Ogden Raptors of the Pioneer League are a minor league baseball team. The Ogden Outlaws of the Premiere Development league are a minor league soccer team. Weber State University's school teams are also a source of attraction for the city. Because the city is located so close to Wasatch Mountains, there are several outdoor recreational opportunities. Hiking, running, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are a few activities residents of Ogden participate in.

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Media of Ogden

The City of Ogden is served by various media outlets. The Ogden Standard Examiner is a daily newspaper providing residents of Ogden with current news & events, weather, sports, etc. 1430 AM KLO (Talk Radio), 95.5 FM KYFO (Religious Radio), 1160 AM KSL (News Radio), and several other radio stations serve the city of Ogden.

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